How can you contribute?

Physical Donations

Out of the Rain looks for items that will be useful for the youth who access our shelter.
Here is our wish list:
Bus tickets
Phone cards
Coffee cards ($5 denominations)
Clean warm socks
Sleeping bags
Travel size hygiene products
Youth friendly clothing (hoodies, t-shirts, warm jackets)
Have items you would like to donated? Please contact the Coordinator and arrangements will be made for drop off.


Out of the Rain looks for two different types of volunteers.
Volunteer Meal Provider: provide a meal for 30 youth one night per month. All that you need is a love of cooking and willingness to help! Hot meals are dropped off to the shelter and provided for the youth. Do you have a group of friends that love to cook or want a great reason to socialize?
Shelter Helper: assist the staff with the more practical aspects of the shelter so that they can focus on the youth. Can you make juice, help with set or do dishes. This might be for you. You must be 19 years of age or older and have a clear criminal record check to access the shelter as a shelter helper. If you are interested, click the link and get in touch with us!

Financial donations

Out of the Rain looks for financial donations so that we can continue to provide our valuable and necessary program in our community. We use these funds to purchase items required to run the shelter: hot chocolate, mats, coffee, breakfast, snacks, etc.

At this time we are unable to process online donations, but please feel free to connect with us. Donations in the form of a cheque are accepted. Cheques can be made out to Beacon Community Services (Out of the Rain).